Korte Lijnbaan 13 B
8861 NS Harlingen
Postbus 22 ?8860 AA Harlingen.
Tel : +31(0)517 43 37 17
Fax: +31(0)517 43 47 53
E-mail: info@kustvaartharlingen.nl


Welcome to the website of "Kustvaart Harlingen BV". Hereby we like to introduce ourself, and tell you something about our company. Our name is "Kustvaart Harlingen BV", directly translated into English it would say: Coastal Shipping Harlingen.

"Kustvaart Harlingen BV" is a shipping company which we started as four young 'captain-owners': Robin Switynk, Roelof Rientjes, Johan Oomens and Arno Boere.

We are all raised with, and on ships, which makes us as a shipping company very strong and unique. We are all experienced in running our own ships separately as 'captain-owner', and now by uniting our strengths, we can offer a bigger assortment of different ships and a well motivated and experienced crew.

At the moment the fleet of "Kustvaart Harlingen BV" exists of four very modern vessels. Mv Terschelling and Mv Vlieland, both 6000 tons DWT and Mv Harns and the Mv Texel, both 9000 tons DWT all four ships are Dutch build. The Mv Terschelling and Mv Vlieland are build under Finnish and Swedish Ice-class 1A, wich means our ships can sail in the heaviest ice-conditions. The Mv Harns and the Mv Texel are both equipped with two 40 tons ship cranes. These vessels are sailing world wide.

With this four ships we can guarantee safe handling of your cargo in all circumstances.